Bookmarks or Favorite Bars: The Key To Organizing Your Online Business Daily Routine

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If you are looking for a simple way to set up a daily routine for your online business without going on a scavenger hunt daily for where you wrote it down or typed it up, then you will love the benefits of using bookmarks or favorite bars in your favorite browser. With Bookmarks or Favorite Bars you will be able to store everything you need to stay on task daily and I will tell you how here. You will find out how to enable these in your favorite browser, add folders for storage, and add files for ultimate daily routine domination.

Creating a daily routine for your online business is vital to reaching your goals as an entrepreneur. Think about it, if you don’t know how much of anything to do per day for 7 days, how will you get it done by the end of that week? Start now with these steps:

  1. Figure out what amount of work needs to go into whatever your goal is and break it into small daily tasks
  2. Type the list on a word processor or notepad and save it as “that day routine.”
  3. If there are some sites or addition files associated with it, create a folder, title it “that day” save them there.
  4. Move these folders to your desktop for now.


The option to enable a Bookmarks or Favorites Bar is available on the three most popular browser which are currently Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Here’s how to enable in each of these browsers:

Google Chrome

1. Go to your right and select the menu button in the corner

2. Go to “Bookmarks” and select “Show bookmarks bar” from the dropdown





Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to your right and select the menu button in the corner

2. Select “Customize” at the bottom of the menu

3. Select the “Show/Hide Toolbars” dropdown in the bottom center of the page

4. Select to enable “Bookmarks Toolbar





1. Select the View menu

2. Select “Show Favorites Bar”






You now have enabled the Bookmarks or Favorites Bar for either or all of your favorite browsers.


Adding folders to your Bookmarks or Favorites Bar is quick and easy, regardless of which of these 2 ways you choose to do it. Here are your 2 options:

1. Hover your mouse over the Bookmarks or Favorites Bar of your favorite browser(s) and right click. Then select either “add folder” or “new folder” from the menu. Name a new folder for each day you plan to work on your online business.

2. Select those folders we created on your desktop and drag it to your Bookmarks or Favorites Bar

The hard part is now done!(if you consider that hard…)


The beauty of using folders on your Bookmarks or Favorites Bar is how easy it is to storage the information you need afterwards. If you didn’t drag and drop your folders filled with your daily agenda earlier, you can now do the same with the individual files into the respective day folders. That’s it. You’re done with this step. Could this have been much easier?

When you open the same browser you use daily to run your online business, you will have eye-level access to your daily routine. After you have enabled your Bookmarks or Favorites Bar, added folders, and stored your daily routine files, you now have no excuse for not staying on course to have one of the most successful years in online business ever. To your success.

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