No Tazmanian Devils Allowed!


If any of you grew up on Warner Bros Looney Tunes like me then you’re familiar with the Tazmanian devil named Taz. And what do you remember about him? Was it that he was well spoken, intellectual, or organized? Probably not! And if you’re running a business as Taz or with Taz, it may be in trouble.

  Taz always seemed to leave a huge mess everywhere he went. He never seemed to have any regard for organization and never cleaned up after himself. Then, he or anyone else who was looking for something that crossed paths with him, it was nowhere to be found. That’s typically how it works with when you don’t have everything neatly organized with a specific place for each thing. Especially in business, Taz would literally bankrupt a company! You must catalogue the business. You always need to know where any of your business materials such as documents, tools, and data are at a moment’s notice. If you can’t find it everything quickly and efficiently, chances are you’ll money every time you can’t find something. This is an intricate part of running a business.

Whenever things weren’t going In Taz’s favor he would just get mad, give up, and become destructive. Now, do you really think this would be anyway to run a successful business? Even if you have the best and potentially most successful business ideas, there will be hurdles that can be perceived as roadblocks. For you and I, giving up isn’t even an option! Think about all the time, effort and energy that would go to waste if you were not an indisputable success? It would be worth it to give up. And as far as getting mad and destructive, you would only be hurting yourself. Everything is not going to be easy and if you pick anything else new that you want to try you will have to overcome obstacles in it just as well. Stay cool, stay focused, and think your way through. You’ll be a success story before you know it.

Did anybody ever truly understand what Taz was saying!? There always seem to be those that really knew Taz that could understand his language, but total stranger always seemed lost, right? That’s something that will also ruin your chance of business success. You must always be able to effective communicate with anyone you are sharing your business, product, or service information with. Not only that, but you must also be able to ask the right questions to understand what type of person you’re dealing with so you can customize your approach. None of this is possible if you just a Tazmania Devil in business! Be sure that you and all associates you’re in business with transmit any and all information well enough to reach the target audience, your prospects. If you effectively catalogue your business, this will all be included in your regimen.

Good skills such as organization, self-calming, and effective communication can keep you from being a ‘Looney Tune’ and seal your fate as a person running a successful business. Be sure you catalogue the business and it will run as a well oiled machine.

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