Pace Your Race to Marketing Success



If you have ever noticed, making money is always a race between making it and spending money. Sure, you could always take the high road and say that money doesn’t play a huge roll in your life. But, we all know that life costs money and the more of it you get the higher your quality of life. So as you assemble the dynamic of your lifestyle, keep in mind that your money is always competing with your expenses.

Your Marketing career will start out slow. In the beginning of your transition from being an employee to an online marketer will take some time to develop. You will have to learn how to pick products and services to market, who the target audience for them is, and where to find your target audience in multitudes! Then you will need to learn marketing techniques to increase effectiveness, which tools to use, and how to use these tools in your business. You will need to track results and understand how to measure these results. In the beginning this will become an un-recouped expense. You will need to learn how to deal with customers, clients, and business partners. And just when you thought it was over, you’re going to close out your days doing accounting for your revenues and expenses daily. All of this takes a lot of time to learn and master.

It would be nice to be able to cram for all of the things you need to learn to do, use, or find in your marketing business, but unfortunately it must be learned over an extended period of time. There is just too much information we need to know. Some of us can get up and running with limited information because we may have a Mentor or coach that is willing to share the load and spoon feed us only the necessary information as it becomes relevant. But even then, we will literally need this Mentor or Coach in order for us to begin to or continue to succeed. If you’re like me you want to have as much control over your own success as possible! Therefore, learning any and everything about the marketing business is a must. All of this takes a lot of time to learn and master.

Marketing success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! A lot of you have heard the boasting of those who ‘allegedly’ have massive success in marketing online and offline and claim you can achieve it in a matter of days. In all honesty, you can get some decent results in marketing over the course of a few days, but that is not to be mistaken with success. There is so much to be learned and so many different ways to do everything that it will take more than a few days just to put a viable marketing plan together. Due to the fact that coming into marketing you have no real proof as to what works and what doesn’t, you will spend exorbitant amounts of time just doing trial and error. Not to mention the blind faith that we all go on as marketers that the campaigns we create will have any type of appeal to the general public. Trusts me, you will be better off getting with a Mentor, creating a list of tools and skills you need to learn, taking a measurement of projected time to master each, and allotting a small amount of time daily over an extended period to master them.

You can succeed in marketing if you appropriate enough time and stay diligent in your efforts to master this craft. Always keep in mind that there are very few shortcuts to success. So keep your steady stride and you too can win the marathon known as marketing success.

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