Article Marketing


Why Article Marketing?


Consider this, the average person logs onto a computer and uses the internet. In most cases, what are we looking for? That’s right, a solution to a problem! Even if someone is online strictly for entertainment, the problem is boredom and the solution is entertainment! When we look for this information we typically seek a reliable and trustworthy source, right? That’s where article marketing comes in. In most instances, if you are article marketing, you will be submitting your content to a site that has more authority, traffic, and syndication than your own, right? This dynamic give your content more relevance and can establish you as an expert on that platform if you deliver high quality content that solves a problem for your readers.


How do I Get My Articles Found Using Article Marketing?


Getting your articles found using article marketing has a lot to do with the guideline of successful article marketing. Here I will outline the step to being successful with article marketing.

  1. Brainstorm and come up with a problem that you or others you know may be having that you are passionate about providing the solution to within your niche.
  2. Research at least 3 variations to a solution of this problem that you have either proven yourself or have witnessed it proven. This is very important. We are typically grateful and loyal to a source that provides with a proven solution to a problem we are having. This is the element that establishes you as an expert.
  3. Do some extensive keywords research on the topic using a main keyword phrase and 3 LSI keyword phrases relative to the problem. Don’t focus your keyword research on the solution. Keep in mind, your reader doesn’t know what the solution to the problem is yet. I recommend Market Samurai for this research.
  4. Outline your article into 5 part:

i)        Introduction

ii)       Paragraph One (H1)

iii)     Paragraph Two (H2)

iv)     Paragraph Three(H3)

v)      Conclusion

  1.  Write your article 400 -600 word long. That’s considered a sweet spot. Anything shorter and your article won’t be taken serious. Any longer, it’ll disinterest most readers.
  2. Search Engine Optimize your article. This includes monitoring your keyword density(1% for your main & LSI keyword phrases), keyword enriched title, and other SEO techniques I outline for those who elect to work with me.

These simple steps will get your article found and ignite your article marketing campaign.


Where Do I Submit My Articles?

Article Directories The best place to start submitting your articles for your article marketing campaign are article directories. Here is a short list of some the most trusted, high ranking, and respected article directories that I would recommend:

  1.           PR 6
  2.                PR 6
  3.              PR 6
  4.  PR 5
  5.             PR 5
  6.                        PR 5
  7.            PR 4
  8.              PR 4


Guest Blogging The next best thing to article directories is guest writing. You can find place to guest write/blog by simply doing an optimized search for such keywords as “guest post” “write for us” “guest author” “contribute to this site” “become a contributor” etc. Be sure to include a link back to the original author, you!


Ezine Newsletters Ezines have increased in popularity over the past decade or so and the demand for fresh content has created an opportunity for guests to get articles published for FREE in the newsletters. This is easily one of the best chance for your article marketing be reward almost instantly. It’s basically a free solo ad. Do a search for the Directory of Ezines for more information.


Forum There are many forums surround almost every topic that allow article submissions. You can easily find these forums online by doing an optimized search for your niche “niche + forum” and browsing them to see which allow article submissions.


Is That It?

No! Now you need to syndicate all of your articles on social media sites. I would strongly recommend that you post every one of your articles at all of your favorite social media outlets with a call to action like “Please read, comment, & share…thanks” so that we all know you intend reach others with your article. That is truly the key to article marketing, syndication. Be sure that you always publish your articles to your own site or blog first and put your full URL to your website or blog in the bottom 25% of the article.


I hope this helps you to get noticed online. Thanks for reading.

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