Classified Ads



One of the best places to get your business noticed online is classified ad sites. These are browsed by all types of people worldwide that are looking for what you have to offer. There are 1000’s of classified ads sites out there so I have put together the following lists of the best ones in my opinion based on monthly traffic and Alexa page ranking(as of July 18, 2013):


Title                                         Full HTML                    Alexa Ranking

Craigslist                                   No                                     45

Backpage                                  Yes                                    566

USFreeAds                               Yes, paid                          10686

AdlandPro                               No                                      8389                                 No                                      6281                  Yes                                     2271*                No                                     24,442               No                                     4526                              No                                     6509                                No                                     5470                             Yes                                   9097                         No                                    7866


Global:                                   No                                     374                              No                                    729


Be sure to treat these classified ads the same as you would an article or blog post in terms of SEO. Yes, these can also be ranked on search engines. Always include a link to your business and some form of contact information whether it be a phone number, email address, Skype ID, etc.



* is a priceless resource for those considering doing offline Marketing as well because it includes a module to print your classified ads into flyers, posters, and/or pulltabs in just a few clicks all for FREE!

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