Free Safelist Mailers


Free Safelist Mailers are a very cost efficient and effective way to advertise when used a consistent

basis. Several people in the Marketing world say things like “Safelists are outdated” or “Safelists don’t

work,” but when used properly they could make the difference between earning little or nothing to making a fulltime income online. Here we will outline how to register, organize, schedule, and maximize Safelists for Marketing domination.


What Are Free Safelist Mailers?


Free Safelist Mailers are web based advertising sites that enrolls members willing to read email advertisements in exchange for credits that can be used to advertise your own email advertisements to other members of the site. These sites typically have multiple membership levels that differ in the amount of time between mailings and the number of members you can advertise to in each mailing. The effectiveness of these sites are measured in the CTR%(Click Through Ratio). The more responsive the members are to your advertisement, the higher the CTR%, and ultimately the better your overall results with each Free Safelist Mailer.


Pros Vs Cons of Using Free Safelist Mailers



  • Free to Cheap Advertising For Your Business
  • Free To Join
  • Most Provide Stats from Each Mailing
  • Each Mailing Usually Drives Traffic to your Ads for Several Days
  • Have Packages Available for Purchase To Suit Your Schedule
  • Have Potential To Give You Quick Results
  • Most Will Save Your Ad Copy For Future Mailings



  • Very Time Consuming Reading Emails To Earn Credits
  • Need To Register To Multiple Free Safelist Mailers For Best Results
  • Time Provisions Between Mailings for Free Members
  • Most Have Less Than 50,000 Members
  • May Take A While To Accumulate Credits In The Beginning
  • Won’t Allow All Ads To Be Mailed(No Adult Content, Gambling Sites, Hate Sites, etc)
  • You’ll Receive A Lot of Emails Daily


How To Make Free Safelist Mailer Advertising Work For You


There are two ways to make free safelist mailer advertising with for you: manually setting up your mailing platform or using a free site like [directoryofsafelists] to set it up for you. Lets start with the manual way.

  1. Register for a Gmail account dedicated to receiving your list emails to read for credits
  2. Register for at least 5 free safelist mailers to start with(research the best ones)
  3. Within your Google account associated with new Gmail, set up a spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep up with your mailing schedule and how many you can send out. It also wouldn’t hurt to add your username and a section for notes to self. Then setup a Google Drive documents to paste your ads with the Headline, Ad Copy, and Link.
  4. Within your Gmail account, setup labels and filters to organize your incoming free safelist emails to help earn credits for each free safelist mailer one at a time.
  5. Setup a “Favorites” toolbar across the top of your web browser for easy access to your daily routine of which mailers to generate credits for and send out mailing to. I recommend creating Folders for each day with notes and links in each.




Register for a free account with Directory of Safelists Here. Directory Of Safelists(DOS) has done all of the heavy lifting for you. From picking out responsive free safelist mailers, providing an email client, organizing your mailers, and providing a scheduler….DOS has you covered. Plus, you can refer others to DOS and build a downline to your free safelist mailers and get free credits from your referrals.


You MUST Be Consistent With Free Safelist Mailer Advertising


Like all other forms of advertising, it is highly important that you are consistent with generating credits and sending out mailings. This advertising method only works for you if you work for it. This is why you will need to make sure you are spending at least 5 out of 7 days working this method.


FYI: This form of advertising along with any other works best when you have a squeeze page coupled with an auto responder capturing your leads for long term success. I recommend Get Response because they provide both.

Here’s A List Of My Recommended Safelists

List Joe

Viral Nugget

The Lead Magnet

State of the Art Mailer

List Jumper

List Bonus


List Adventure

 European Safelist

Active Safelist

Global Safelist

Thanks for reading.

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