Traffic Exchanges


If you’re not familiar with Traffic Exchanges(TE’s), they are traffic generation sites that allow you to view other people’s website or blog in exchange for credits to be used for views to your website. There are two different types of Traffic Exchanges, auto(matic) also known as auto surf and manual.  Each serves a solid purpose depending on which marketing approach you choose that will be outlined later in this tutorial.

The Disadvantages of Using Traffic Exchanges


The main disadvantage of using these are from two main components, advertising networks and time consumption. Many advertising networks like Google Adwords and Chitika don’t allow you to be a publisher of their ad network if you’re generating traffic through TE’s. This can cause you to be banned from them and automatically forfeit any commissions you may have been due. Also, these exchanges can be very time consuming. There are several other things that could be done that are equally, if not more, productive.

The Benefit of Using Traffic Exchanges

The main benefit of using Traffic Exchanges is the cost. The reality is, time is money. Therefore, I won’t tell you that Traffic Exchanges are ‘free’ traffic sources but I will say you can get consistent traffic to your website without having to resort to paying out of pocket for it. When used correctly, Traffic Exchanges can delivery tons of targeted traffic to your website or blog.

How Is Traffic Exchange Traffic Targeted?

When you sign up for most Traffic Exchanges, you are allowed to geo-target your traffic. This means, if you have a website or blog geared towards a specific culture that is more strongly represented in a certain area of the world, that’s where you can get most or all of your traffic from. This make it easier to attract people that may be more likely to either take action with your offering or share it with others they may be connected to that have interest.

Time Efficiency With Traffic Exchanges

It would be easy to sign up for one or two Traffic Exchanges and surf them one after another. But, unfortunately this is NOT time efficient. Let look at it from a time value perspective. Let’s say you have a goal of 600 hits to your website or blog per day and wanted to surf to Traffic Exchanges. Now, what if it takes 2 hours to get 300 credits from surfing each? That’s 4 hours surfing for credits! We’ll say it would only take you 45 minutes to surf 150 credits on any Traffic Exchange. Now, let say you have 4 Traffic Exchanges that you have open in your browser windows that you are surfing concurrently(at the same time), you could surf 150 credits on all 4 and have the same number of hits to your website or blog in less than 25% of the time. This is the best way to utilize TE’s, whether it’s an auto or a manual.

Auto Traffic Exchange Strategy

Auto TE’s are just that, automatic surfing Traffic Exchanges. Basically, as long as you log in and keep the window open you will accrue credits to have your website ‘autosurfed’ by other people. In this scenario, it’s highly unlikely that anyone is truly observing your website or blog. But, the truth is, traffic to your website or blog makes it ‘appear’ popular and relevant to search engines and ranking sites like Alexa and Compete and will make it more searchable with less keyword optimization. That is why the following strategy is beneficial:

  • Login to four Auto Traffic Exchange’s in different windows of a browser that you don’t typically use.
  • Be sure that all 4 of them are generating traffic to the same website or blog at the same time.
  • Then set a pre-determined amount of time to allow your auto TE’s to run per day.
  • Keyword Optimize your website or blog so that you get the same amount of traffic you would normally get from the auto surf

I recommend these…..

Hit Leap

OXO Surf

Smiley Traffic

247 AutoHits


Manual Traffic Exchange Strategy

Manual TE’s are the ones where you have a pre-determined amount of time you must view member websites to earn credits used in exchange for views to you website. These have very strict rules surrounding the use of bots and other software’s with intentions of automating the process. You MUST view the sites(or at least appear to be viewing them). This is very beneficial to the members because, depending on the pre-determined amount of time members have to view your website or blog, you could potentially interest people in you offering. When using a Manual TE, there are a few rules of thumb that give you the opportunity maximize your credit usage. Here are a few:

  • Always use a lead capture in Manual TE’s-Members are surfing for credits to their websites or blogs and won’t likely stop to make a purchase from your site
  • Complete your Manual TE profile-Be sure anyone who may be interested in you can reach you(even if it’s not for that particular offering)
  • Do to other members website or blog what you’d want them to do to yours-Take an honest look at every members offering, if you like it…share it
  • Heavily promote your TE referral link-The more active referrals you get, the less you have to surf yourself to meet your minimum traffic requirements
  • Be sure your offering is synonymous with the type of members in that particular TE-Target your market


I recommend using the following strategy to get the most out of your Manual TE campaigns:

  • Login to four Manual Traffic Exchange’s in different windows of a browser you don’t typically use
  • Set your auto credit assignment to 50%(automatically assign half and stockpile half)-This way you have credits available to jumpstart any new campaingns
  • Create a daily traffic goal for your site and divide it by 8 and multiply by 2-This will be your surf goal for each Manual TE
  • Arrange the Manual TE’s in order from least amount of time to view sites to most amount of time to view sites
  • Go down the line from your first browser to the fourth clicking the icon once the timer expires to accumulate credits
  • Be sure that all 4 of them are generating traffic to the same website or blog at the same time-Geo target
  • Keyword Optimize your website or blog so that you get the same amount of traffic you would normally get from the manual surf


I recommend these:

Easy Hits 4 U

Traffic G

 Traffic Swarm

Hit 2 Hit


Use these strategies on these recommended TE’s, and you will be well on your way to getting a high ranking, lots of traffic, and a prominently list of leads for your business website or blog. Feel free to comment and share.

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