What Warm Market?


If you’ve been in marketing for a while, just started, or may be thinking about starting I’m sure you you’ve heard the terms ‘warm market’ and ‘cold market,’ right? Allegedly, one of the easier ways of marketing your business for a jump start is to approach your friends and family which is referred to as your warm market. But, more times than not, your friends and family are the ones trying to talk you out of building a business. So, my question is what warm market?

Your loyal friends and family will help as much as they can if you get into a bind. One of the key functions of loyal relationships is helping each other in times of need. And we all need help from time to time.(Don’t play tough) But, when it come to a business venture you are sacrificing your lifestyle by choice. Unless you are selling something that they are already buying from somewhere else and wouldn’t mind dealing with you if it’s at a premium, you will only be a nuisance to friends and family. Most of don’t have a family full of business tycoons that take the level of risk involved in an online or offline business on a day to day basis. Therefore, you would really be barking up the wrong tree if you are trying to convince them to join your Network Marketing or MLM business. So again, what warm market?

When I think ‘warm market,’ I’m consumed with the thought people who have a long time problem that I have the solution to running to me with money in hand. What about you? I’ve never seen that from any of my most loyal friends and family. Some would say it really depends on the product or service that you’re offering. I still don’t believe you can sell enough of whatever it is to friends and family to create a successful business. Therefore, you will need some marketing methods and business branding to find your warm market. Actually, with the right marketing methods you can find your hot market! Do you know how to find a warm market? Do you know how to choose what products or services to offer that warm market? Do you know how to tempt and call to action those in that warm market that has a problem your product or service solves?

There are endless ways of marketing to your warm market once you find it. These marketing methods include but are not limited to social media marketing, article marketing, classified marketing, attraction marketing or business branding, email marketing, forum marketing, search engine marketing, and offline marketing. Would you like to know one of the easiest ways to find your warm market? Look it up! You may be wondering what I mean by that and here it goes. Let’s say you’re looking for someone to sell a fish tank cleaner to, where would you look to find a group of people that all have fish tanks and might be in search of a tank cleaner? Exactly right, in a fish club or group. The fastest and easier way to find these people is to search for them online. You can almost always bet there is a couple of hundred forums online focused around fish lovers.(for pets not food!)

Someone tries to train you to go after your warm market. Instead of asking “What warm market?,” be sure you always translate that to mean those who have a problem that you have the solution to. Stop bugging your friend and family, they will be begging you to join or buy from you once you make it big.

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