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T’was the Night Before

  T’was the night before Monday and you have spent all day enjoying your family after a little bit of work before church. Afternoon has turned to evening and you can’t get all the necessary work you need done the next day off of your mind. You already know that there are only 24 hours…

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Monster Marketing: Success Is Imminent

  In the early stages of Marketing I think we have all been guilty of putting a few advertisements out and being disgruntled or frustrated from the small or non-existent results. We may have thought we wrote the perfect ad and placed it in the perfect place for people that are looking for the exact…

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Fishing For The Big One!

  If you’ve ever been fishing either with someone or you were the fisher, you know how the procedure goes. You know that you must first wrap your mind around the concept of fishing, then get the appropriate tools, and next find somewhere that the fish are. We are always fishing for the big one!…

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Loyalty: The Lost Element of Business Success

  Have you ever noticed how often we as businesspeople jump from one company, product or service to another? It seems as though the original company we start with wasn’t worthy enough to stay with. It always seems like the new thing that emerges on the scene is bigger and better than what we had…

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Are You Enforcing Boundaries Enough In Your Business?

  In business, once you start to have products or services in abundance (and before) it can become easier and easier to relax your policies about giving them away and divulging too much information. Huge mistake! In some instances, this can be the difference between long lasting success and utter failure in your business. Establishing…

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These Factors Will Determine If You Are Really Coachable

  In any business, the fastest way to achieve success is by being either mentored or coached. Both will offer an intense training regimen as business is not as easy to succeed in as it may seem from the outside looking in. But, for those of us doing the training, there is nothing more frustrating…

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