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Are You Marketing Productively?

In the marketing industry, it is very easy to confuse being busy with being productive. You may have heard of a few places to post ads and maybe got a short overview of what to write to attract an audience. But, does that make you productive? Here I’m going to outline a few things that…

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The Network Marketing Puzzle Pieces

    By now, we all know that there is no one thing that defines a successful network marketing business. There are several components or ‘pieces’ that combine to make your business a success. The way those pieces must connect together and lock into each other is very similar to a puzzle. Each persons network…

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No More Bait And Switch

Have you ever had an advertisement for a business opportunity catch your eye and that may have mentioned how great the training was? You may have thought to yourself “I have no idea how to make real money online, so this will be a great opportunity to learn.” So, you signed up only to find…

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The 3 T’s of Marketing Success

  When you think about the Marketing industry, all types of overwhelming thoughts rush to your mind. But, once you understand what the key elements to success online are, you realize that making money online is actually quite simple. Notice I said simple, not easy. There is a lot of hard work that goes into…

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You Have Two Ears and One Mouth : Have You Done The Math?

  We all have thoughts and opinions about most everything under the sun. When we feel that we know something important, we want the whole world to hear it from us. Right? But, is it necessary for us to tell them? Does anyone even care to hear it? The average person is selfish and would…

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The 3 P’s of Marketing Tool Sales Success

  Every professional Marketer needs premium tools. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity! The actual tool varies depending on each Marketers objectives and techniques. But, two things are going to be instrumental in whether or not a true Marketer uses each tool suite. Those two things are how effective these tools are and if…

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